Drive Cleaning and Sealing

Central Paving provide water high pressure hydro-cleaning for professional cleaning of drive, patios, block paving, Resibond pathways, garden walls and any other hard external surface, removing all dirt, moss, oil stains, algaes.

Drive Sealing Keeps your driveway looking good at all times.

  • Sealing your driveway ensures easy maintenance in the future
  • Inhibits weed growth between the block pavers
  • Binds jointing sand between the pavers, preventing sand erosion and allowing jet washing of block paved areas without loss of sand between the pavers
  • Prevents oil stains penetrating into the block, allowing the oil to be jet washed off the driveway surface. No oil stain guarantee.
  • Enhances the appearance of the driveway

We will advise you on the various sealant options available,
and the product best suited to your requirements